How To Set A Minimum Withdrawal (Simple Faucet)

  •  06/28/2019 14:12
  •  Tutorials

Sometimes it is wise to set a minimum withdrawal amount on your faucet because it not only stops people hurting your faucet fastly but mitigates frequent requests to FaucetHub API.
This guide explains how easy it is to set up a threshold on faucets using Simple Faucet Script.

First of all, please open the file "account.php", scroll to line 14 and you should see something like this:

if(toSatoshi($user['balance']) >= 1){

Change the number one to the desired withdrawal threshold.
I set it to 100 Satoshi.

if(toSatoshi($user['balance']) >= 100){

You can change the value as you like.
After you set the amount, si

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