Node.JS Faucet Script

Just another crypto faucet script

More Lightweight than our first one

But with same features

Node.JS Faucet Inside
Node.JS Faucet Inside

  • Payout to FaucetHub
  • Referral Program
  • Random Rewards
  • Easy To Customize - little coding knowledge is needed
  • Protection against multiple claims
  • Supports various currencies

Benchmark NodeJS vs. PHP

Benchmark NodeJS PHP

When it comes to choosing a programming language, NodeJS outperforms PHP in the number of requests: While PHP can handle 1770 requests per seconds, NodeJS can handle more than double of 3600 concurrent requests per second.
For this reason - whether you start to plan a small faucet or go the next step and select a large userbase -, NodeJS Faucet can be used at any point.

Satisfied? Download it for free!

* The NodeJS Faucet Script is free for download on the page.