Unique Faucet Script 2nd Update

  •  02/21/2023 11:58
  •  Faucet Scripts
After three months, here is an update on the development of the Unique Faucet Script.
Since the latest release, more features have been added to the script as follows:
- PTC Feature
- Daily Challenges
- Lottery (is not intact, yet)
In addition, the following things have been improved
- Faucet by a loyalty bonus system
- Shortlinks by progress to visualize the remaining visits
- Finance section which consists of transactions and withdrawals
Still, some sections, such as Lottery, FAQ, Contact and the deposit function, are not ready.
I'm optimistic that these will be ready in March.

Furthermore, I will be glad if you post your opinion here: https://forms.gle/wLC1BSTYnsFRnS75A

As always, you can see the latest update/demo of the script here